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Default values of the ship.

Ship Powergrid: 0 MW

Ship Mass: 0

Ship Volume: 0.01

Group ID: 18

Race BROKEN on faction:

Isogen ID: 37

Module Tree Location:

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Ship Description and Data:

Light-bluish crystal, formed by intense pressure deep within large asteroids and moons. Used in electronic and weapon manufacturing. Only found in abundance in a few areas. May be obtained by reprocessing the following ores and their variations: Low security status star systems: omber, kernite, hemorphite, gneiss, and dark ochre. Null security status star systems: kernite, griemeer, and hezorime. Wormhole systems: omber, kernite, and gneiss. It is also present in huge amounts in rare ores like spodumain, bezdnacine and rakovene. The rare ore ytirium also contains significant quantities and is found primarily in nullsec and W-space systems containing A0 (Blue Small) stars, as well as surveyed locations on the borders of empire and nullsec space.