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Default values of the ship.

Ship Capacitor: 350 MW

Ship Mass: 20,000,000

Ship Volume: 150,000

Group ID: 543

Race BROKEN on faction: Ore

Skiff ID: 22546

Ship Tree Location:

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What's the rig?

Ore Bonus Varient (not working)

Minerals Citadel Engineering Refining
Construction Blocks 150 149 147
Morphite 110 109 108
R.A.M.- Starship Tech 15 15 15
Ion Thruster 60 60 59
Magnetometric Sensor Cluster 225 223 221
Photon Microprocessor 3,000 2,970 2,940
Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate 3,000 2,970 2,940
Fusion Reactor Unit 45 45 45
Oscillator Capacitor Unit 600 594 588
Pulse Shield Emitter 225 223 221
Procurer 1 1 1
Compressed Ore Ore Count
Compressed Arkonor Math goes here
Compressed Bistot Moon shit here
Compressed Crokite Moon shit here
Compressed Gneiss Moon shit here
Compressed Spodumain Moon shit here
Compressed Dark Ochre Moon shit here
Ship Description and Data:

The exhumer is the second generation of mining vessels created by ORE. Exhumers, like their mining barge cousins, were each created to excel at a specific function, the Skiff's being durability and self-defense. Advanced shielding and drone control systems make the Skiff the toughest mining ship in the cluster. Exhumers are equipped with electronic subsystems specifically designed to accommodate Strip Mining and Ice Harvesting modules.