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Default values of the ship.

Ship Capacitor: 435 MW

Ship Mass: 10,120,000

Ship Volume: 118,000

Group ID: 26

Race BROKEN on faction:

Rodiva ID: 49712

Ship Tree Location:

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Ore Bonus Varient (not working)

Minerals Citadel Engineering Refining
Tritanium 405,000 400,950 396,900
Pyerite 135,000 133,650 132,300
Mexallon 27,000 26,730 26,460
Isogen 7,500 7,425 7,350
Nocxium 1,875 1,857 1,838
Zydrine 900 891 882
Megacyte 450 446 441
Crystalline Isogen-10 326 323 320
Zero-Point Condensate 300 297 294
Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal 38 38 38
Life Support Backup Unit 19 19 19
Compressed Ore Ore Count
Compressed Arkonor Math goes here
Compressed Bistot Moon shit here
Compressed Crokite Moon shit here
Compressed Gneiss Moon shit here
Compressed Spodumain Moon shit here
Compressed Dark Ochre Moon shit here
Ship Description and Data:

A cruiser-sized vessel that is oriented towards remote armor repair and seems to be the Collective's equivalent of a support cruiser, the Rodiva is another Triglavian design that has proven adaptable to capsuleer technology, as with previously recovered examples of ship architecture recovered from Abyssal Deadspace. The Rodiva's remote repair systems are considerably enhanced by adaptive armor-repair mutaplasmids that are used as nanite feedstock for its remote repair projectors. As the armor-repair mutaplasmid stream is able to adapt itself in real-time to specific target ship conditions far more efficiently than standard armor-repair nanites, the efficiency of armor repairing performed by the nanite stream on a given target increases over time towards a maximal repair output. By the prayer of Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle, Rodiva Subclade of Veles Clade relinquished the adaptation scheme of now-time accepted 72 tactical troika classification into the cladeflow of Triglav. Strategic troika have advancing-time pressure for adaptation into tactical subroles conforming to now-time accepted noema of cladistic proving by Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle. – partial translation of data included in recovered design schematics of the Rodiva