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Default values of the ship.

Ship Capacitor: 700 MW

Ship Mass: 13,200,000

Ship Volume: 252,000

Group ID: 540

Race BROKEN on faction: Caldari State

Nighthawk ID: 22470

Ship Tree Location:

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Ore Bonus Varient (not working)

Minerals Citadel Engineering Refining
Construction Blocks 300 297 294
Morphite 300 297 294
R.A.M.- Starship Tech 23 23 23
Magpulse Thruster 120 119 118
Gravimetric Sensor Cluster 450 446 441
Quantum Microprocessor 1,800 1,782 1,764
Titanium Diborite Armor Plate 11,250 11,138 11,025
Graviton Reactor Unit 60 60 59
Scalar Capacitor Unit 975 966 956
Sustained Shield Emitter 570 565 559
Drake 1 1 1
Compressed Ore Ore Count
Compressed Arkonor Math goes here
Compressed Bistot Moon shit here
Compressed Crokite Moon shit here
Compressed Gneiss Moon shit here
Compressed Spodumain Moon shit here
Compressed Dark Ochre Moon shit here
Ship Description and Data:

Command ships are engineered specifically to wreak havoc on a battlefield of many. Sporting advanced command module interfaces, these vessels are more than capable of turning the tide in large engagements. Command ships represent the ultimate in Command Burst efficiency; the boosts they give their comrades in combat make them indispensable assets to any well-rounded fleet. Developer: Kaalakiota As befits one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the known world, Kaalakiota's ships are very combat focused. Favoring the traditional Caldari combat strategy, they are designed around a substantial number of weapons systems, especially missile launchers. However, they have rather weak armor and structure, relying more on shields for protection.