Biscuits Industrial

Eve Online, Spreadsheets in space

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Default values of the ship.

Ship Capacitor: 5,000 MW

Ship Mass: 20,000,000

Ship Volume: 390,000

Group ID: 380

Race BROKEN on faction: Caldari State

Bustard ID: 12731

Ship Tree Location:

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What's the rig?

Ore Bonus Varient (not working)

Minerals Citadel Engineering Refining
Tayra 1 1 1
Construction Blocks 225 223 221
Morphite 105 104 103
R.A.M.- Starship Tech 15 15 15
Magpulse Thruster 75 75 74
Gravimetric Sensor Cluster 135 134 133
Quantum Microprocessor 1,800 1,782 1,764
Titanium Diborite Armor Plate 5,250 5,198 5,145
Graviton Reactor Unit 45 45 45
Scalar Capacitor Unit 300 297 294
Sustained Shield Emitter 375 372 368
Compressed Ore Ore Count
Compressed Arkonor Math goes here
Compressed Bistot Moon shit here
Compressed Crokite Moon shit here
Compressed Gneiss Moon shit here
Compressed Spodumain Moon shit here
Compressed Dark Ochre Moon shit here
Ship Description and Data:

Developer: Lai Dai Deep space transports are designed with the depths of lawless space in mind. Possessing defensive capabilities far in excess of standard industrial ships, they provide great protection for whatever cargo is being transported in their massive holds. They are, however, some of the slowest ships to be found floating through space.