Hello! You have found the API page. Here are your instructions to see everything this API does.

To find things in the InvTypes database. the following URl is provided as;


for example


brings us to the Crucifier. Notice the i in the URL? That means ID

Now to get the Ship directly. It's very case sensitive!


brings us the Crucifier BUT with the ship name. Basically for new people that don't know the ID. Notice the s in the URL? That means SHIP.


brings us the ingredients to build the ship. But it's NPC 0-0 blueprint info. But numbers don't count. JUST the ship name.

PS. /api/InvTypes is slow as fuck as it needs to load the database. So please be patient with it and don't bitch about it. 37k+ it has to read and display. Sooo...

If you wish to go back, you can with this button

So you wanna have Google Sheets with this? Go a head!

ImportJSON Copy this into your Scripts and name it ImportJSON

Now for the column just add in --> =ImportJSON("https://skipptekk.com/api/InvTypes/allships") <--- and it will grab all the ships, So far it's 504 lines